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We are an experienced Taiwan

Car Cooling Fan

manufacturer, supplier, exporter and factory. Our products supplied and exported worldwide relying on our professional talent and good experience. We force to manufacture products to suit the exact requirement of our client ranging from small business to huge manufacturing units. Custom-designs and OEM/ODM services are cordially welcome.
  • Auto Blower - JG-B-3003A-R3(12V);JG-B-3003B-R3(24V)
    JG-B-3003A-R3(12V);JG-B-3003B-R3(24V) : Auto Blower
    Auto Blower
    Motor: MP-1804A(12V); MP-1804B(24V)MAX
    Current: 23AMPS(12V); 10.5AMPS(24V)
    Motor input: 280WATTS(12V); 225WATTS(24V)
    Speed: 3300RPM
    Weight: 1470GMS
    Life: >5000HRS
    Air flow: 1000M3

    Our productions are made in Taiwan and export worldwide for many years. Our high quality has been getting well known in this field. We can adjust the parts according to customer demand for products in order to achieve the best results. If you have any particular demand, please feel free to contact us!
  • Auto Cooling Fan - JG-1007A(12V);JG-1007B(24V)
    JG-1007A(12V);JG-1007B(24V) : Auto Cooling Fan
    Auto Cooling Fan
    Motor: JG-0001A(12V); JG-0001B(24V)
    Rated current: 4.6AMPS(12V); 2.3AMPS(24V)
    Rated power: 55WATTS
    Speed: 3000RPM
    Weight: 780GMS
    Life: 1500 HRS@80℃
    AIrflow: 225 LITRES/SEC

    We have many years of experience in the production of motor ,custom -made products. Size, blades can be in accordance with customer needs, equipped with JPI DC motor, entire ODM, if you have any technology, product specification needs, please contact with us. You name it, we create it!

  • Auto Electric Fan - JG-1009A(12V);JG-1009B(24V)
    JG-1009A(12V);JG-1009B(24V) : Auto Electric Fan
    Auto Electric Fan
    Motor: JG-0001A(12V); JG-0001B(24V)
    Rated current: 4.5AMPS(12V); 2.3AMPS(24V)
    Rated power: 56WATTS
    Speed: 2900RPM
    Weight: 1100GMS
    Life: 1500 HRS@80℃
    Airflow:250 LITRES/SEC

    We are professional fan designer and meticulous precision manufacturing of electric fans with comprehensive and rigorous quality control. In this series, we offer 6.5”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”, 14”different size of fans with customized motors to choose. If you have any technology or product specification needs, please feel free to contact with us!
    You name it , we create it!
  • Cooling Fan Car - JG-1014A(12V);JG-1014B(24V)
    JG-1014A(12V);JG-1014B(24V) : Cooling Fan Car
    Car Cooling Fan
    Motor: JG-1014A(12V); JG-1014B(24V)
    Rated current: 11.0AMPS(12V); 5.5AMPS(24V)
    Rated power: 132WATTS
    Speed: 2300RPM
    Weight: 1550GMS
    Life: 1500 HRS@80℃
    Airflow: 540 LITRES/SEC

    The company has been committed to the cooling fan products, development, testing, production and customer service for the purpose. No matter size, blades can be in accordance with customer needs, equipped with JPI DC motor, entire ODM. Suitable for various brands of car air conditioning system. If you have the technology, product specifications needs, please contact with us.

    In this series,we offering  6.5”,7”,8”,9”,10”,11”,12”,14”different size of fans for customer to choose.
  • Car Electric Fan - JG-1016A; JG-1016B
    JG-1016A; JG-1016B : Car Electric Fan
    Car Electric Fan
    Motor: JG-0004A(12V); JG-0004B(24V)
    Rated current: 12.0AMPS(12V); 6AMPS(24V)
    Rated power: 144WATTS
    Speed: 1900RPM
    Weight: 2300GMS
    Life: 1500 HRS@80℃
    Airflow: 945 LITRES/SEC

    JPI production processes are all self-development, product quality comparable to Japanese, all the products are customized ,no matter size, blades all can be in accordance with customer needs, equipped with JPI AC/DC motor, entire ODM. Therefore, we can make sure the quality of the products.
  • Engine Cooling Fan - JG-2012A-HD(12V);JG-2012B-HD(24V)
    JG-2012A-HD(12V);JG-2012B-HD(24V) : Engine Cooling Fan
    Engine Cooling Fan
    Motor: JGW-0005A(12V); JGW-0005B(24V)
    Rated current: 12.8AMPS(12V); 6.4AMPS(24V)
    Rated power: 154WATTS
    Speed: 2800RPM
    Weight: 2450 GMS
    Life: 6500 HRS@80℃
    Airflow: 645 LITRES/SEC

    JPI company is extremely attention to optimize products’ quality, and strive to provide competitive products for the global market. At present, we has exported to fans around the world, a small number of sales made by traders. We offer customized products and services. For more information or any technique question of our products, please contact with us.

  • Engine Electric Fan - JG-2011A-DR(12V); JG-2011B-DR(24V)
    JG-2011A-DR(12V); JG-2011B-DR(24V) : Engine Electric Fan
    Engine Electric Fan
    Motor: JGW-0005A*2(12V); JGW-0005B*2(24V)
    Rated current: 13AMPS*2(12V); 6AMPS*2(24V)
    Rated power:156W*2(142V); 144W*2(24V)
    Speed: 2900RPM
    Weight: 4500 GMS
    Life: >5000 HRS@80℃
    Airflow: 1176 LITRES/SEC

    JPI fans are customized products, whether the size or blade can be based on customer demand, meanwhile we produce our own motors, therefore, we can also offer customized motors with fans. Made entirely ODM. If you have any product specification requirements, please contact with us.
We are confident to meet the requirements of all customers with reasonable prices, punctual shipment, and strict quality control. If you are interested in Car Cooling Fan, our company is your best choice. Do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to your enquiry.
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