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Offering a wide range of materials created

DC Motor

by us are reckoned for their quality based features. Since we use only authentic materials in creating our assortment of buckles, thus our range of buckles is class apart. We have the required facilities to customize our products as per the requirement of our clients.
  • Coreless DC Motor - JG-0005A;JG-0005B
    JG-0005A;JG-0005B : Coreless DC Motor
    Coreless Flat Motor
    The coreless design makes higher efficiency and no iron loss  compared to iron-core motors. Also, the Compact size allows the motor to adapt to more mechanical device applications.

    Voltage: 12V, 24V
    Rated current: 8.5/4A
    Rated torque: 1.0KG-CM
    Speed: 2850 RPM
  • Coreless Motor - JG-0006A;JG-0006B
    JG-0006A;JG-0006B : Coreless Motor
    Coreless Motor
    The coreless motors feature are as following: 1. low moment of inertia, no cogging. 2.low friction and very compact commutation resulting in high acceleration. 3.high efficiency, very low joule losses and higher continuous torque.

    Voltage: 12V, 24V
    Rated current: 8.5/4A
    Rated torque: 1.0KG-CM
    Speed: 2850 RPM

  • Gear Motor - MP-8000R
    MP-8000R : Gear Motor
    Gear Motor
    Gear motors using helical gears with torque, transmission, lightweight, small size, low noise, low power, high efficiency, long life and maintenance-free, and many other advantages of broaden area, such as machinery industry: conveyors, elevators, handling machinery, mill, textile machines, printing machinery, rubber, plastics…etc. We are energetic and innovational company. In order to provide our customers with high-quality products, we have been continuously developing our products, if you have any needs, please contact with us.

  • Linear Actuator - SS / SL
    SS / SL : Linear Actuator
    Linear Actuator
    A device responsible for actuating a mechanical device. Primary Competitive Advantages are excellent and high quality Control, prompt delivery in a variety of designs, both  ODM and OEM accepted.

    Model: SS/SL
    Max. Push Load: 80/120 (KG)
    Max. Pull Load: 80/120 (KG)
    Speed (mm/sec)load/unload: 7/9 / 6/7
    Standard Stroke(mm):
    Max. Current(Amp): 1.6/2.0

    Customer-made length of stroke can be up to 1200mm.
  • PM Motor - JGR-0002A;JGR-0002B
    JGR-0002A;JGR-0002B : PM Motor
    PM Motor
    Our Permanent Magnet DC Motors offer reliable and consistent performance, meanwhile offering a high quality feature products. We have both standard and customized products, if you have any needs , please contact with us.

    Voltage: 12V, 24V
    Rated current: 8.5/4A
    Rated torque: 1.5KG-CM
    Speed: 2600 RPM
Our well quipped facilities, professional skills and excellent quality control which provide us more high level DC Motor and sincere service for our customers to expand tide of industry. We are looking forward to make good cooperation with you.
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